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I’ve been learning Blender on and off lately, and one thing I learned early on is that shortcut keys are super important in Blender. It has been difficult to memorize the ton of shortcuts without looking at user made cheat-sheets and keyboard layouts. But most of them are never up to date with the latest version so I usually have to resort searching community forum posts.

Last weekend I was messing around with python in Blender and I saw that it was possible to access all the keyconfig data. I exported all the data to JSON and had fun making a html keyboard that had all the shortcuts on it. It even updates live with modifier key presses on the keyboard. Yay!

Check it out here:


It’s a lot easier to keep up to date with the latest Blender because of the awesome data-driven-ness of it.

Depending on community response, I’m thinking of adding things like: search functionality, export custom key configs, upload code to Github and release it as a plugin for Blender.

    1. Thanks. Yes, that would be great. I’m not a lightwave user, but if you can provide me with all the key data I’ll integrate it for you.

    1. You’ll find that shortcut under the “3D View: Mesh” context when Shift is pressed. It’s called vertex slide.

  1. Thank you for this work!
    some missing shortcuts:
    numbers 1,2…0 is the upper line of the layers. (already implemented on the virtual keyboard)
    but when you add the ALT key you will get the bottom line! and it’s not work on the virtual keyboard.
    also, you need to add the “`” key (the left key next to the “1” key), this will show/hide ALL layers.

    1. I’m working on a new version, making it easier to add multiple applications (non blender apps). So yes, once I’ve got that all nicely setup, help out with adding a Resharper app to the page :)

    1. What do you think a blender add-on would look like? I’m not sure I understand what ‘extra’ functionality you’re getting from having an add-on.

  2. Hi Waldo,

    I was pointed to your website in “The complete guide to Blender Graphics”. Unfortunately, the shortcut explorer doesn’t work under W10, I get the message “There is no data available for this OS or App Version (try selecting a different app version)”. However, I cannot select a different OS :-(
    A solution would be appreciated, because I think your page is very helpful!

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