Athmos Game Prototype

Athmos is a game I worked on as a final last-year project during my game development course. I was in a team with 5 other students: Thomas Goussaert (Gameplay and Networking), Bastiaan Deknudt (Gameplay), Benjamin De Wael (3D and Concept Artist) and Laura Smekens (3D Artist).

At the beginning of the last year of my course, we were all asked to write a design document for a game we wanted to work on for the next 6 months. I handed in the GDD for Athmos and got nominated to present it to the class. I needed to recruit other students to work on this game, which is how the team was assembled.

Athmos Game Logo
The space exploration gold rush has hit new peaks. The now more diversified human races are claiming space territories at rates not seen before. While space is getting scarcer and scarcer, conflicts are becoming imminent. Don’t let your people miss out on the action, take as much as you can while you still have a chance. Explore, build, make allies and crush your enemies.

The player is the leader of a human colony. Tactical decisions will need to be made so the colony is able to expand at the normal rate. The player needs to explore planets, collect resources, build a massive fleet and have epic space battles to conquer enemy planets.

Athmos levels consist of planets placed on a semi-2D plane. Each player starts off on their home planet. The goal is to crush all the other enemies in the level by taking all the planets he owns. To do this the player needs to build a massive army first, but to build a massive army the player needs resources which can be found on unexplored planets. So the outline of the game is: Explore planets, construct buildings, build massive army and have an epic battle.