Boomtown Game Prototype

Boomtown is casual town builder game I worked on during my game development course. Two other guys were involved too: Thomas Goussaert and Benjamin De Wael. The theme of the game was set by Imagine-Cup 2009, which wrapped around millennium goals.

In 12 weeks (not full-time work), we came up with a concept and created a working playable prototype. The goal of the game is to reach certain predefined goals for a level. As town demands come in, the player needs to decide what to do with them. A building can be placed anywhere on the level and all other buildings and props will move away to make place for it.

I was responsible for creating all the front-end design and gui code. I touched on various areas of game development: graphics programming and shaders, input management, procedural curved based animations (tweening), gameplay and content management.