Doomsday special post

I’ve been too busy to post on my blog, but that’s a good thing because…more time for making and doing and learning! But on a special day like this, when the world is about to end, it makes a lot of sense to post what I’ve been up to.

So this year, I did a better job of doing some of the things on my ever growing “things I want to do”-list. Among those things are: got back to drawing a bit, got some clay and modelled some heads, learned basic electronics with Arduino, made a 8×8 LED screen from scratch, got a Raspberry Pi, did some modelling in Blender, HTML5 and canvas drawing, first official game release (CSR Racing!), got a DSLR for amateur photography, got back to doing life drawing sessions, travelled to Vietnam and China for 2 months, made an ambient-lighting for my TV, got back to basics and refreshed my C++ and finally learned a bit about Linux.

There’s lots I want to show off with, but I’ll split it up into healthy little chunks.

So… late last year I decided I was going to improve my drawing skills. The plan was to draw every day for at least an hour. Surprisingly I managed to keep it up for two months (give or take). And, contrary to blank-paper-thoughts, I almost always produced something better than the day before. A good confidence boost fo sho! It’s not mind blowing stuff, but it feels good to be drawing a bit more again.

With some help from the art crew at Boss Alien, I also found life drawing sessions right here in Brighton. It turns out there are daily sessions in the building right next to where I live! Whenever I feel arty, I just cross the street to find a room full of other arty feeling people. I just love Brighton for this. We also ended up going to a monthly life drawing session next to work at The Marwoods. The atmosphere there is really great, two hours of peaceful concentrated drawing with nice music in the background. Check it out!.

I recently also stumbled onto a painting package called Artrage. Unlike Photoshop, it’s main focus is on painting and drawing on a simulated canvas. It gives you a set of real life tools like a paint tube, a pallet knife for some smearing, some pencils and brushes. I’ve been using for a bit and I really like it so far. It’s great that I don’t spend as much time setting up brushes as I usually do in Photoshop…and it has got a proper color picker. If you haven’t heard of it yet, get your hands on the demo version.

I’ll post a follow-up with pictures from China and Vietnam.

Have a great New Year, y’all!