Super Senso Announced!

The game I’ve been working on at Turbo Studios has finally been announced! Super Senso (to be released early 2016) is a turn based strategy game for iOS and Android. The easiest way to describe Super Senso is as a free to play mobile remix of Advance Wars, but there’s tons more to it than that, including but not limited to giant-ass robots.

Here’s some screenshots and gifs highlighting my work on this game. Check out my portfolio post for more details.

Multimania 2011 Talk: Working At Black Rock Studio

Back in 2011, after my internship at Black Rock Studio, I was asked to talk at MultiMania about my experience as a Technical Artist in the industry. Now, 2 years later, I finally found the courage to upload this and I’ve fully exposed myself to be judged by the internet. Scary!

The audience consisted of mainly students from the course Digital Arts and Entertainment (which is the game dev course I did). I talked about how I landed the job, how it was to work there, what I worked on, what a Technical Artist meant to Black Rock, and eventually a short bit at the end about Black Rock’s closure.

Hello world!

After I heard the news, it gave me a reason to renew my portfolio website. And hey, why not add a blog while I’m at it?

Disney hasn’t exactly confirmed they want to close the studio, but that’s just legal bullshizzle. We all know what’s happening here, there’s nothing we can do to change their mind. Any effort put into saving the studio is useless. Anyway, I’m moving on and I’m definitely staying in Brighton!

The great news is that I now have a full month off, and it’s payed for. I can do whatever I want for 30 days, whooooooo! I’m probably mainly going to be working on Athmos, which is a game I’ve been working on for a while with a bunch of guys I studied with.

The game I'm currently working on (Click to visit the blog)

Also check out my portfolio, there’s lots of stuff to see!