Shortcut Mapper: A Visual Shortcuts Explorer for Desktop Applications

A year ago I created an experimental web application to make it easier to learn Blender shortcuts. Since then I’ve been working on a new version and today, I’m officially releasing Application Shortcut Mapper: A visual shortcuts explorer for desktop applications.


It has support for multiple applications, versions, operating systems and different keyboard layouts. I’ve added Photoshop, Lightroom and Blender to start with, and I hope the internet helps out with adding a lot more applications.

The data is scraped from online documentation for Adobe applications. For Blender, all shortcuts are accessible via their python api, which makes it really really awesome because everything can be nicely exported.

It is completely open-source and hosted on GitHub pages. This has the benefit that all commits to the gh-pages branch are instantly hosted and viewable by everyone.

Check it out yo!

Blender Keyboard Shortcut Explorer

I’ve been learning Blender on and off lately, and one thing I learned early on is that shortcut keys are super important in Blender. It has been difficult to memorize the ton of shortcuts without looking at user made cheat-sheets and keyboard layouts. But most of them are never up to date with the latest version so I usually have to resort searching community forum posts.

Last weekend I was messing around with python in Blender and I saw that it was possible to access all the keyconfig data. I exported all the data to JSON and had fun making a html keyboard that had all the shortcuts on it. It even updates live with modifier key presses on the keyboard. Yay!

Check it out here:


It’s a lot easier to keep up to date with the latest Blender because of the awesome data-driven-ness of it.

Depending on community response, I’m thinking of adding things like: search functionality, export custom key configs, upload code to Github and release it as a plugin for Blender.